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The Insecure IoT Device Free-for-All Needs to be Urgently Tackled

August 29, 2023

In the era of distributed IT, digital identities are becoming crucial, especially with the growing reliance on remote work and connected devices. While legislative bodies are recognizing the need for improved digital identity policies, actions remain tentative. The UK, for instance, is facing delays in proposing legislation to address digital identity concerns. The European Commission is planning to revise electronic identification regulations, initiating consultations on improving digital identity practices.

The importance of secure digital identities is particularly evident in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. IoT devices are integral to various industries, including aviation and healthcare. These sectors, relying on IoT devices, cannot afford breaches as lives could be at risk. With the increasing number of connected IoT devices predicted to reach 41.6 billion by 2025, securing digital identities becomes a priority to prevent network vulnerabilities, breaches, and data loss.

Manufacturers should incorporate properly authenticated device identities during manufacturing to ensure security. Without mandated security, devices lacking authentication can be vulnerable to cybercriminals. Supply chains have grown complex, leading to insecure chipsets and devices lacking proper authentication.

In conclusion, ensuring secure digital identities for IoT devices should start during manufacturing and continue throughout the device's lifecycle. Centralized management systems and identity management solutions are necessary to secure networks of IoT devices and protect against intrusion attempts and cybercrime.

Source: https://techmonitor.ai/technology/networks/digital-identities-for-iot-devices

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