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Modernizing your OT Security starting at the Edge

Adopting an industry 4.0 strategy does not mean starting from ground zero. OT systems are acting like IT systems, but securing your Industrial IoT devices and OT networks must enhance operational efficiencies, not slow them down.

Locate all your industrial IoT devices that are in the field and mobile

  • Maintain a bird's-eye view of your device network following Purdue ISA 95 layout
  • Be alerted to device movement from both mobile and non-mobile devices
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Manufacturing at scale

  • Easily and remotely enroll, commission, update and retire devices and device certificates from your operator terminal at any time
  • Secure your communication on devices that utilize BACnet,Modbus, NB-IoT, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, and other popular industrial IoT protocols
  • Keep visibility and a record of all devices, certificates, keys, users and telemetry data to ensure production is not slowed down by bureaucracy at all time
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Minimize production latency and maintain high availability

  • Provide remote firmware updates, application payloads, software packages, etc via FOTA
  • Devices do not even need to be online in order to be updated
  • Know when your device certificates are about to expire
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Stop attacks at the device and prevent spread of attacks from OT devices to IT systems

  • Type of attacks will differ between IoT devices and IoT protocols, so having the flexibility to account for and enable security from all known and unknown intrusion and tamper attacks per device is crucial
  • As an added layer of security, protect devices with machine learning to fingerprint device behavior and detect anomalies instantly before it reaches your network
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Case Study

Securitizing Autonomous Guided Vehicles end-to-end, and enabling Zero Trust in OT Systems


AGVs are often used in supply chains and in logistics. This client manages one of the busiest shipping locations in the world. AGVs are in the thousands to help bring order to a normally chaotic environment. However, at the field level, AGVs are prone to external attacks that target the sensor, controller, and pre-shared keys. At the infrastructure level, cloned devices can appear trusted and could conduct network snooping and manipulation. In addition, these devices are commonly used in OT systems, but are connected to IT systems at the enterprise level.


MicroSec proposed to deploy an end-to-end solution that started from securitizing the AGV's on-board sensors and controllers, and communications up to the Enterprise level. In other words, client chose to adopt MicroSec's Zero-Trust security; automated certificate and key management; supply chain security; and real time anomaly detection.


  • Complete Visibility and Control by operators and management
  • Anti-device cloning
  • Intrusion detection to monitor for Zero-Day Attacks
  • OT to IT seamless security enablement
  • Easy device management from enrollment to updates to retirement
Key Benefits
OT/IT Security
Brownfield Security
Remote Updates
Energy Efficient for Field Devices
Device Management
End-to-End Visibility
On-Prem or Cloud
Regulatory Compliance
Let’s have a chat to discuss your requirements and how MicroSec can start securing, protecting, and managing your IIoT devices and OT network end-to-end today.
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Industry Focus
Designed for both greenfield and brownfield deployments, MicroSec secures the Edge for Industrial IoT & OT systems, including microcontrollers, sensors, devices and across the network.

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Smart Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Smart Cities & Connected Buildings
Critical Infrastructure
Features Overview
Tamper & Intrusion Detection
  • Zero-day attack detection
  • AI based behavioral analysis
  • Device and network intrusion detection
  • Support for wide range of networks
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • RESTful API availability
  • Edge Anomaly Detection
Core Security
  • Trust Management
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Zero Trust Enabler
  • End-to-end security
  • Auto-Certificate Management
  • Key management system
  • Secure Firmware update
  • Edge Core Security
Threat Management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Configuration analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Access control
  • VLAN / Firewall management
  • Optimized VPN
  • MicroPackage Manager
  • Edge Threat Management
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