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Protect your Devices
from the Core

As an IoT device manufacturer or OEM, there are countless ways malicious actors can compromise your devices both internally and externally. It is near impossible to account for every possible attack scenario, so how can you manage your risk without compromising your company or customers?

Protect from Inside the Device

  • MicroSec's patented solution and core technology protects class 0/1 IoT devices such as microcontrollers, sensors and above from the inside. This means devices are 99.99% attack resistant and cannot be hacked even after retirement.
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Future Proof Devices with Interoperability and Scalability

  • By 2025, there will be nearly 30 billions connected devices globally. The demand for devices to communicate will only grow exponentially. MicroSec secures heterogeneous communication protocols and 3rd party devices automatically because we understand that as an OEM or ODM you do not know what your network will look like next. It needs to be as dynamic as you are and grow with your business.
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Future Proof Devices with
Remote Updates

  • In addition to being able to grow with your business, your device security is also not static because cyber attacks will inevitably change and develop in more ways than anyone can predict. Consequently, having the ability to update and maintain the highest levels of security at all times is a must, as it protects not just your business and your IP, but also your customers and their well being.
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Case Study

Securing Automotive Manufacturer and V2X Systems


Many recent attacks on vehicular computer systems have been done to compromise control systems including Brakes, Lights and Engine control as newer vehicles today have replaced mechanical systems with computer controlled electrical systems. As a result, vehicle components are connected to the outside world automatically.


MicroSec provides military-grade secure communication interface for V2I/V2x technology. MicroSec secures the TCU along with ECU which allows domain isolation with OBD, providing a secure network for all the components inside the vehicle with authentication and end-to-end encrypted communication. MicroSec also manages security via over-the-air updates for having up-to-date patch for vehicle security.


  • Secured heterogeneous communication between onboard sensors and microcontrollers, to cellular networks, to internet services using highly optimized micro-certificates across communication protocols
  • Over-the-air updates for easy maintenance and updating of vehicle security
  • Military-grade secure communication interface
  • Protection against malicious behavior in real time, isolating attacks at the device level without endangering users
Key Benefits
99.99% Attack Resistant
Class 0/1 Security
Hardened Devices
Control Updates
IP Security
Regulatory Compliance
Trust Management
Let’s have a chat to discuss your requirements and how MicroSec can start securing, protecting, and managing your IIoT devices and OT network end-to-end today.
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Industry Focus
Designed for both greenfield and brownfield deployments, MicroSec secures the Edge for Industrial IoT & OT systems, including microcontrollers, sensors, devices and across the network.

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Smart Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Smart Cities & Connected Buildings
Critical Infrastructure
Features Overview
Tamper & Intrusion Detection
  • Zero-day attack detection
  • AI based behavioral analysis
  • Device and network intrusion detection
  • Support for wide range of networks
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • RESTful API availability
  • Edge Anomaly Detection
Core Security
  • Trust Management
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Zero Trust Enabler
  • End-to-end security
  • Auto-Certificate Management
  • Key management system
  • Secure Firmware update
  • Edge Core Security
Threat Management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Configuration analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Access control
  • VLAN / Firewall management
  • Optimized VPN
  • MicroPackage Manager
  • Edge Threat Management
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