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Critical Infrastructure
& IIoT Cybersecurity

Critical infrastructure from power grids and utilities, to oil & gas, marine, and telecommunications, are all prime targets for Zero Day attacks because hackers know that communities, cities, states and countries depend on them everyday to not fail. Let's guard against Zero Day attacks and stop them at the source.

Secure your networks with Military Grade Security starting at the device level

  • Reduce your attack surface by quickly identifying potential attack vectors. MicroSec enables you to gain absolute visibility down to your devices, keys, and certificates across your network, but this is just the start. MicroSec gives you the ability to passively monitor continuously for vulnerabilities and threats in your IoT network and for each device.
  • Protect devices from the inside so that field devices can never be re-engineered for malicious purposes
  • A real-time inventory of all your cryptographic assets and endpoint device
  • Risk Assessments across 18 different attributes
  • A view of unauthorized or "rogue" devices that appear trusted

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Centralized Operations Command Centre with Full End-to-End Visibility

  • Manage all of your devices, certificates and keys all in one place with easy visibility and control. Gain full lifecycle management for easy device enrollment, commissioning, updating, blocking/revocation, and retirement. Convenient access for meeting local and international compliance requirements, internal and external audits, as well as regulations.
  • Passive and continuous monitoring of IoT devices, device network, including IoT communication protocols
  • Identify and isolate behavioral anomalies and compromised devices
  • Stop cyber attacks before they reach your network

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Deploy quickly even for
Brownfield Networks

  • MicroSec solution stack is turnkey and can be deployed easily for both on-premise and cloud networks which is designed to accommodate for legacy infrastructure and networks.
  • Operators can start using from day 1. They do not need to be security experts.
  • MicroSec is compliant with NIST, ISO27001 and IEC 62443 ensuring the highest levels of security compliance already built-in

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Case Study

Smart Energy Management for Roads, Utilities, and Buildings with Centralized Control Operations


Smart street lamps, smart energy meters, and smart water meters, and gateways are superior in efficiently managing energy consumption. However, unique challenges remain since security concerns revolve around control operations (ON/OFF), centralized infrastructure, and constrained mesh networks with heterogeneous devices utilizing multiple protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, and BLE.


MicroSec deployed its Micro-PKI in street light sensors and energy devices to allow micro-certificate transmission over LPWAN or mesh network, enabling end-to-end authentication and secure data transfer for control and management operations. In addition, Micro-PKI provides TLS 1.3 equivalent grade security to devices along with tamper detection technology.


  • End-to-end authentication and secure data transfer for centralized control/management of operations
  • TLS 1.3 equivalent grade security to smart metering devices
  • Tamper detection of anomalous behaviour at device level across 3rd party devices
  • Military-grade encryption certified by NIST
  • Easy device management and remote updates
Key Benefits
Brownfield Deployments
OT/IT Security
Edge-to-Data Centre
Remote Updates
Device Management
On-Prem or Cloud
Regulatory Compliance
Let’s have a chat to discuss your requirements and how MicroSec can start securing, protecting, and managing your IIoT devices and OT network end-to-end today.
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Industry Focus
Designed for both greenfield and brownfield deployments, MicroSec secures the Edge for Industrial IoT & OT systems, including microcontrollers, sensors, devices and across the network.

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Smart Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Smart Cities & Connected Buildings
Critical Infrastructure
Features Overview
Tamper & Intrusion Detection
  • Zero-day attack detection
  • AI based behavioral analysis
  • Device and network intrusion detection
  • Support for wide range of networks
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • RESTful API availability
  • Edge Anomaly Detection
Core Security
  • Trust Management
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Zero Trust Enabler
  • End-to-end security
  • Auto-Certificate Management
  • Key management system
  • Secure Firmware update
  • Edge Core Security
Threat Management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Configuration analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Access control
  • VLAN / Firewall management
  • Optimized VPN
  • MicroPackage Manager
  • Edge Threat Management
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