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Protecting the
Connected World

What we do
MicroSec aims to help organizations operate safely and securely in an increasingly connected world by starting at the Edge.

We aspire to empower organizations to take control over its environment through our unique approach of Security by Design at the Edge for IoT, IIoT and OT devices and networks, from proactively preventing attacks from the inside-out, stopping zero-day attacks on devices, preventing device and network intrusions, creating chains of trust between devices, and reducing your operational risks and costs starting from the device to the cloud.

Our Expertise

MicroSec’s domain expertise combines threat and security management with protection at the Edge for connected IoT & IIoT devices and networks.

MicroSec’s team is comprised of scientists, engineers and deeptech experts specializing in cryptography, embedded systems, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and cybersecurity.

Launched in 2016, MicroSec’s team of scientists, engineers, and strategic partners are present in Europe and across Asia. Its core technology is patented in the EU, US, Japan, Australia and Singapore, and is compliant with international cybersecurity standards, such as NIST, ISO27001, and IEC62443.

What we are best at

Our Core Competencies

Embedded Systems
Machine Learning
Deep Tech
Mathematical Optimization

MicroSec is proud to partner with investors that also believe in our vision in protecting edge devices and putting control back into the hands of organizations in securing unmanaged and constrained IoT devices.

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