MicroSec Simplifying Security


Simplifying Security !

MicroSec IoT Security

Internet is Secure, so why IoT shouldn’t be!

Over the years, many security protocols and standards have been put in place to secure the Internet. But security for IoT is still in infancy. At MicroSec, we are securing IoT systems like any other enterprise grade Internet system. This includes platforms as simple as 8-bit 8051 or as complex as 32-bit embedded ARM.

MicroSec Security Ecosystem

IoT Security

Tiny sensors have limited computational capability and limited bandwidth to perform proper cryptography. MicroSec provides entire security ecosystem in an optimized way for IoT network, including dynamic key management system.

Communication Security

MicroSec provides tiny certificates and optimized transport/application layer end-to-end security for energy constrained devices. This allows secure communication over private and even shared wired/wireless network.

Protocol Agnostic

There are more than 30 protocols for IoT and securing each of them is a tedious process. MicroSec security ecosystem is protocol agnostic and works with each and every IoT protocol out of the box.

Secure Beacons

MicroSec security ecosystem provides secure BLE, RFID and RF beacons. This provides protection from spoofing and replay attacks. Existing beacons can be easily upgraded with MicroSec software and components.

Security as Software

MicroSec security ecosystem comprises of a set of softwares and components that integrates with an existing system. This allows existing systems to be upgraded in a simplistic way.

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