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Detect & Eliminate
Zero Day Attacks at the Edge

Industrial IoT, OT devices, and OT networks are the most likely to be compromised in large industrial enterprises. Unlike mainstream cybersecurity solutions today, MicroSec's Security by Design is built into each of its solutions to stop cyberattacks at the device and network layer.

Our Partners
Our Partners
Industry Focus
Designed for both greenfield and brownfield deployments, MicroSec secures the Edge for Industrial IoT & OT systems, including microcontrollers, sensors, devices and across the network.

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Smart Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Smart Cities & Connected Buildings
Critical Infrastructure

The MicroSec Platform

The MicroSec Platform is comprised of two suites:
Protection Suite to secure your IoT network end-to-end and Monitoring Suite to stop attacks instantly.

Protection Suite


Protect and manage all of your IIoT devices and OT networks down to the chip with advanced threat management capabilities

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Monitoring Suite


Guard against zero day attacks with anomaly detection and instant remediation.

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MicroSec’s Zero-Trust Platform Solution
Built with Security by Design for
IIoT, OT devices, and OT networks

360 degree Protection & Monitoring
Full Security Lifecycle
AI based Anomaly / Intrusion Detection
Edge ProtectionEdge Machine Learning/AI
Edge Threat Monitoring
Highly Optimized Protocol40x More energy efficient
500x Less memory requirement
20x Smaller certificate size
Automated RemediationAutomated isolation of compromised devices
Vulnerability/Threat remediation
Unified ProtocolSupport for multiple IoT, IIoT, OT and IT protocols
Heterogenous interoperability
Faster Standard Compliance

It only takes one.
One device to compromise the whole network.
That's it.

You don’t know what will happen next or from where.
With MicroSec’s machine learning capabilities,
it means you don’t have to.  

DDoS attacks, tamper attacks, jamming attacks, insider attacks and everything in between means your IIoT and OT devices and networks are constantly at risk from being compromised. Gain visibility and control over your entire Industrial IoT device network in real time, instantly.

Why MicroSec?

MicroSec is the only true last mile solution out on the market today that starts at the edge and goes up to the cloud with Zero Trust and designed for Industrial IoT and OT device networks

Customer Testimonial
We initially chose a very popular cybersecurity company because we thought it would be the safe bet, but it turned out they could not deliver on all of our specs. When we talked to MicroSec they were only ones that could show us what we were looking for from day 1.
- Major Government Agency in Critical Infrastructure
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