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Navigating Threat and Opportunity: Tackling IoT Dangers and Zero-Day Attacks

July 24, 2023

According to and article by IoT World Today, In 2023, organizations will encounter the dual challenges of combating zero-day attacks and addressing IoT risks while striving to meet increasing consumer demands. Zero-day application exploits, which exploit vulnerabilities in widely used systems, pose a significant threat, resulting in financial losses and damage to brand reputation. To counter these attacks, businesses should invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning-based threat detection. Deploying security rules quickly and adopting a distributed edge network and dual WAF solution can minimize the impact of such attacks.

The rise of IoT devices brings a multitude of attack vectors, offering hackers new opportunities. Organizations must prioritize securing their IoT infrastructure and identifying vulnerabilities, especially in third-party applications. Enhancing security in IoT infrastructure by moving security measures to the edge of the network can help protect sensitive data and prevent potential breaches.

Edge computing is gaining prominence for its improved performance, reduced latency, lower costs, scalability, and availability. Embracing edge solutions can shield critical infrastructure from zero-day attacks and IoT hacks, providing better routes for data access and ensuring innovative and personalized digital experiences. Contrary to previous beliefs, implementing comprehensive security measures does not hinder user experience but rather enhances performance by blocking malicious bot traffic and allowing genuine users to access sites more easily.

In conclusion, 2023 will be a year of navigating both challenges and opportunities for organizations, requiring them to prioritize cybersecurity, understand their attack landscape, and embrace emerging edge technologies to safeguard user experience and ensure business success.

Source: https://www.iotworldtoday.com/security/navigating-threat-and-opportunity-tackling-iot-dangers-and-zero-day-attacks-

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