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Meet the Brilliant Minds Behind MicroSec

March 15, 2024

Global Leadership Team

MicroSec’s team is comprised of scientists, engineers and deeptech experts specializing in cryptography, embedded systems, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and cybersecurity. With over 40 strong, and headquarters in Singapore with offices in Sydney and London.

MicroSec is led by Dr. Vishram Mishra, Jan Bissinger and Andrew Schill, together with Neil Templeman, Head of ANZ, and our strategic global advisors like Amit Chaubey and Charles Cousins.

Dr. Vishram Mishra

Founder & CEO

Vishram is the founder of MicroSec and leads the long-term commercial and technical strategy and vision of the company.


Jan Bissinger

Chief Product Officer

As CPO, Jan leads MicroSec's technical product development, innovations, and future roadmap across edge protection, monitoring and cloud.


Andrew Schill

Head of Growth

Andrew leads MicroSec's overseas expansion as a "Channel-First" company collaborating closely together with strategic partners to support our customers end-to-end.


Neil Templeman

Head of ANZ

Leading MicroSec's go-to-market in ANZ, Neil focuses on customer engagements, local partnerships, and channel development.


Amit Chaubey

Global Advisor to MicroSec

Amit is MicroSec's global strategic advisor, and as the former CISO of Ausgrid and current president of AISA NSW, brings a wealth of insights and industry knowledge to the team, product, and company.


Charles Cousins

Commercial Advisor to MicroSec

Benefiting from Charles' decades of commercial experience as Managing Director for Genetec and Sophos, serving international markets including Australia, Charles helps shape MicroSec's commercial strategy in Australia and abroad.


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