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Innovations in Addressing OT Cyber Challenges for You, Your Team and Your Business

March 11, 2024

For many of our customers, their OT infrastructure is made up of legacy systems, 3rd party devices, and retrofits. Our main platform which supports this type of environment is called "MicroIDS". 

Regardless of where you may be in your cybersecurity journey, MicroIDS is designed to help you:

  1.  Plan (cyber budget, roadmap).
  1. Check regulatory compliance and overall cybersecurity posture today.
  1. Continuously monitor for cyber threats and areas of non-compliance with local and global regulations.

MicroIDS - Overview

Detect, Isolate, Respond

MicroIDS is an intrusion and tamper detection for OT devices and networks. Its proprietary machine learning and federated learning algorithms instantly detects, isolates and responds to anomalous behavior across OT protocols and networks while minimizing the chance of false-detections. We call it "MicroIDS" because it is designed to capture anomalies and devices at the Edge, starting from level 0.

 MicroIDS supports our customers who wish to:

  1. Gain greater visibility over their network starting from the Edge.
  1. Support lean teams while managing multiple sites. 
  1. Respond automatically to accurately identified cyber threats.


✅ Detect. Combine passive with active scanning (optional) across IP and non-IP protocols to visualize your entire network; automatically identifying known and unknown devices; and searching for anomalies.

✅ Isolate. Instantly identify and isolate anomalies and threats on your devices and networks. Retrieve critical information like device data, threat type, threat score, and telemetry data.

✅ Respond. Anomalies determined to be malicious, as well as known threats, trigger an automated response that is configurable to prevent further spread of the threat.


🌟 Level 0/1 monitoring at the Edge detecting Zero-Day attacks.

🌟 IP and non-IP monitoring to gain great coverage of your attack surface.

🌟 Minimize false-positive rates, increase detection accuracy of threats, and reduce overheads with Federated Learning at the Edge.

MicroIDS - Cyber Assessor

Assess, Detect, Report

The Cyber Assessor feature inside MicroIDS is an automated, non-invasive, and easy-to-use tool that checks your overall cybersecurity posture, starting with your compliance against major regulatory industrial cybersecurity standards like IEC 62443, SOCI Act, AESCSF, and other global and local regulations, as well as going beyond those standards by identifying areas with potential threats and vulnerabilities.

 This tool supports our customers who aim to:

  1. Establish a baseline of where their cybersecurity posture is at today;
  1. Check their compliance with local and global cybersecurity industrial standards; and/or
  1. Plan their cyber budget for the next fiscal year by prioritizing their cyber needs from short term to long term.


✅ Assess. Automated compliance check against a library of global and local regulatory standards.

✅ Detect. Identify areas of non-compliance, as well as capture potential anomalies and vulnerabilities in your network. 

✅ Report. Receive a comprehensive assessment report with recommendations to help prioritize where to start (devices, zones, conduits) based on targets and risks.


🌟 Save time. Complete an automated assessment in only hours not days or weeks taking a non-invasive approach.

🌟 Increase compliance accuracy. Assessment is based on a combination of your internal knowledge and network visibility.

🌟 Increase Coverage. Easily run assessment against hundreds or thousands of devices, zones, conduits, networks instantly, across IP and non-IP networks.

🌟 Cost-Effective and increase ROI. Due to our automated approach, each assessment is a fraction of the normal cost. 

These are the technical advantages and innovations of MicroSec's platform in addressing OT Cyber Challenges. To know more, contact us!

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