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How to Secure IoT Smart Meters

August 1, 2023

According to an article by Neil Bosworth of Telit Cinterion, Governments and utility companies are increasingly adopting IoT devices, particularly smart meters, to modernize energy systems and promote sustainability. These smart metering systems utilize IoT devices and sensors to collect and transmit data, enabling utilities to optimize distribution, reduce operational costs, and provide customers with informed usage decisions.

However, the rapidly evolving smart meter security landscape poses challenges for utilities and IoT device manufacturers. One crucial consideration is the control of IoT firmware, as it runs the device effectively and communicates with other software. IoT device manufacturers often have limited knowledge of the firmware details in their modules, leaving them reliant on the module manufacturer for updates and maintenance.

Connectivity and security are also vital factors. IoT device manufacturers must choose a suitable connectivity standard to ensure smart metering solutions remain operational, while also considering vulnerabilities associated with internet connectivity and potential exploitation by bad actors.

He concludes that selecting a trustworthy module supplier is of utmost importance. Partnering with unreliable or incompetent suppliers can lead to cybersecurity threats and severe consequences, such as data corruption, mass disconnections, and blackouts. To ensure the security and effectiveness of smart metering solutions, IoT device manufacturers should perform due diligence, seek references from reputable vendors, and consult experienced IoT advisors with a track record of deploying large-scale projects and maintaining smart meter security.

Source: https://www.iotforall.com/how-to-secure-iot-smart-meters

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