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Automotive Security Threats Are More Critical Than Ever

July 27, 2023

According to an article by Security Week, the automotive industry is rapidly advancing with innovations like connected cars and self-driving technology, offering new features and conveniences to drivers. However, this increased connectivity also exposes vehicles to cybersecurity threats. As the number of connected cars is projected to grow significantly, it becomes crucial to secure them from potential attacks.

While there are cybersecurity measures in place for automakers' back-end networks, securing the actual vehicle and its interconnected systems remains a challenge. Entry points like WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, CAN bus, V2X, and infotainment systems can all be exploited by hackers. Moreover, new technologies like Voice-as-an-Interface can further increase the attack surface, leaving vehicles vulnerable to potential breaches.

Cybersecurity standards for cars are gradually emerging, but the industry still lags behind traditional enterprise cybersecurity practices. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has introduced UN R155, which will come into effect in 2022 for new vehicle types. However, much work is needed to manage vehicle cybersecurity risks effectively.

To protect vehicle systems, manufacturers must establish an incident response plan, collaborate with other stakeholders, assess risks, and integrate security into the design process and the entire automotive ecosystem. Proper testing of cybersecurity measures is also crucial, and it requires thinking like a hacker. Both suppliers and automakers need to conduct thorough testing at various levels and across different communication interfaces to ensure comprehensive protection.

In conclusion, as the automotive industry continues to evolve and embrace connected and autonomous technologies, the need to prioritize cybersecurity becomes increasingly important. With committed efforts and a robust cybersecurity strategy, the automotive industry can mitigate emerging threats and secure the next generation of vehicles effectively.

Source: https://www.securityweek.com/automotive-security-threats-are-more-critical-ever/

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